CAA and its partners are closely monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. CAA Rewards Partners are working hard to protect their employees, customers and community members. As such, some of our partners are experiencing reduced store hours, closures and/or delays in online deliveries. For more information on a partners' operations, please visit their website directly. We thank CAA Members for their patience and CAA Partners for their resilience during this difficult time.
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Mongo's Grill Ltd

Mongo's is an exciting new concept that fuses Mongolian-style dining with other food types. The amazing thing about this concept is that it can be anything. Pizza wraps, sun-dried tomato basil pasta, Mongolian tacos, shrimp alfredo primavera, macaroni and cheese and fajitas are a few different things that can be made for you. Try a different option each time. As well, they offer a full range of smoothies, espresso and desserts.

CAA Members receive a 10% discount Monday to Friday, dine-in only


CAA members receive a 10% discount Monday to Friday between 11am and 4pm. Dine in only.

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