CAA Rewards Frequent Q&As

Need answers about partners, CAA Dollars, or offers?

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Q: How much is 1 CAA Dollar worth in Canadian Dollars?

A: It may be difficult to convert at first, but you’ll get used to it; just kidding we made it super easy! 1 CAA Dollar is worth 1 Canadian Dollar!


Q: What are popular partners which offer CAA Dollars?

A: Well although there are numerous ways to earn CAA Dollars some partners are:

  1. AARS garages – if you service your car at a CAA Approved Auto Repair Service garage you can rack up CAA Dollars quite quickly
  2. Many of our home partners like Dulux Paints, Penske, AMJ Campbell and more offer CAA Dollars
  3. Planning a vacation? Earn at Park’N Fly, Alamo Rent A Car and more
  4. Online shopping at other retailers? Earn CAA Dollars by shopping online at caasco.com/earnmore.


Q: How can I check how many CAA Dollars I have?

A: Sign-up or log in to your My Account on www.caasco.com/login. You can find the login link on the top right-hand side of the website in grey.


Q: How long does it take for the CAA Dollars to appear in My Account?

A: Each partner is unique, the general rule is to wait 60 days to see any CAA Dollar transactions come through and show in your My Account.


Q: I have some CAA Dollars, what can I do with them?

A: Well there are a world of possibilities! You can use your CAA Dollars to:

  • Renew your CAA Membership
  • Renew your CAA Insurance premium.¹
  • Put towards travel or on a hotel stay when booking through CAA Travel
  • Upgrade your CAA Membership
  • Give the gift of a CAA Membership
  • Purchase merchandise at a CAA Store
  • Purchase attraction tickets at a CAA Store 


Q: If I have any questions about CAA Dollars who can I contact?

A: You can contact our customer service team toll-free at 1-800-268-3750 or within the GTA at (416) 221-4300


Q: How do I keep on top of new and upcoming offers?

A: Here are three ways to keep up to date with CAA Rewards:

  1. Download the CAA App on Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Sign in to your My Account and subscribe to our Loyalty emails
  3. Visit caasco.com/rewardspartner to see a full list of partners


Terms and conditions:

CAA Rewards®:

CAA SCO may change these Terms and Conditions and/ or any aspect of CAA Rewards without notice. CAA SCO may add, delete or change CAA Rewards partners, modify any offers provided by CAA Rewards partners or the accumulation or redemption details regarding CAA Dollars. Once the partner’s reward points are transferred to CAA and converted to CAA Dollars, we are unable to reverse this transaction. If you default on your CAA Membership, become bankrupt, commit fraud, misrepresent any information, abuse the privileges granted to you under CAA Rewards or act in any other way to the detriment of CAA SCO or CAA Rewards partners, we may, without affecting our other rights, disclose such information requested by proper authorities, terminate your CAA Membership and/or cancel the CAA Dollars in your account.

CAA Dollars®:

To earn and redeem CAA Dollars, you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by Membership expiry date). CAA Dollars cannot be converted into currency at any time, and cannot be used to purchase CAA Batteries, or to pay any amounts owing on the National Bank CAA Rewards® Mastercard® credit card. If there is a lapse in your Membership, you will forfeit any accumulated CAA Dollars. Your CAA Dollars will be automatically redeemed towards your CAA Membership renewal dues and be reflected on your renewal notice generated approximately 45 days prior to the end of your annual billing cycle Any changes in your CAA Dollars balance, up to 24 hours of renewal (positive or negative) occurring after you have been billed will be reflected on your account balance when calculating your renewal charge. CAA Dollars may be redeemed against your CAA Insurance premium. Redemption is applicable once your CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) auto and/or property policy has been renewed and your payments are up to date. Applying CAA Dollars to your first CAA policy term is exempt from the program. Redemption amount must be greater than 5 CAA Dollars and less than or equal to the total policy premium for the renewal term. CAA Dollars earned through our CAA Rewards program are applied as a credit to reduce annual renewal, upgrades or adjustments to your Membership. CAA Dollars are not considered as a discount, but as a form of a credit and are applied after dues and applicable taxes.

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